The work to produce quality packaging material starts here. Often time, obstacle to achieve desired result begin at this stage as well. Therefore, it is crucial to get this phase right before going to the next.

Through its state-of-the-art computer, Avesta can provide customer with options to attractive graphic design to suit the product as well as solution to problems. We also have the capability in composition design to determine the right packing material from wide variety of material composition available.

Cylinder Making

After securing the first phase, the graphic design must be laid onto cylinders for printing process. For better printing quality, Avesta uses cylinder making machine that enables direct engraving. We employ the best machine in this class from Europe for copper plating, grinding and engraving design on cylinders.

With the above technology we can produce high precision cylinder dimension and more accurate, consistent engraving. This will guarantee the right printing result and color required by design. And all of process cylinder making in house at PT. Avesta Continental Pack


Avesta has the latest printing machine with 4-8 color printing capability and high printing accuracy. This machine can do a quick-change job resulting in a quicker and more accurate printing (register) and less printing waste. The 8-color printing at one entry. The ink is monitored using a device called the Spectrophotometer with ink viscosity controller to achieve color accuracy. Each intersection is closely. Each interaction is closely monitored by operator through a screen on the printing machine.


Our extrusion laminating machine is capable of doing a four-layer laminating process at one pass. This, of course, will save time, cut cost and is more efficient. The machine is also equipped with double extruder leading to one dies to produce two layer laminating at the same time using polyethylene and special polyethylene. The dry laminating machine can handle materials with minimum thickness of 6 micrometer.

Everything that takes places at this stage will be recorded by computer to guarantee the quality of the product.


Our slitting machine can slit jumbo rolls into various smaller sizes according to customer’s need. The machines are equipped with state of the art tension controller to enable consistent tension required.

Bag Making

Our bag making machine are able to make center seal and side seal types of bag, standing pouch with zipper closing. Customer may also order special pouches for the vacuum and retort process.