A Leading Manufacturer Of Flexible Packaging Material in Indonesia

Labs and Equipment

  • Gas Chromatographic
  • Fourier Transform Infrared
  • Universal Tester & Etc

Each production stage must undergo quality control procedure conducted by production operator and Quality Control Department, The latter reports directly to the board of director.

To ensure compliance with government regulation on pharmaceutical industry, Avesta is also equipped with controlled room (maximum particle count = 100,000 particles per cubic meter) to conduct final production stage and packing. Here, packaging process is tested against leak, in a lightproof and air-proof environment. Upon entering room, our employees are required to wear special uniform and shoes.

Avesta also has laboratory for quality development and control. It is equipped with gas chromatographic to measure the amount of solvent residue left in the packaging. It also has fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer equipment to test raw material in order to identify types of new plastic used in developing a product.

To test bonding capacity of the layers, a bonding strength tester is used. And the thickness of its layer is ensured using a thickness gauge.