A Leading Manufacturer Of Flexible Packaging Material in Indonesia

Our Clients

Pharmaceutical 100%
Food & Beverage Industry 100%
Cosmetics & Consumer Goods Industry 100%
Veterinary & AgroIndustry 100%
Other Industry 100%

A major and specialist manufacturer of flexible packaging material in Indonesia with extensive knowledge and in the industry. Indonesia’s only manufacturer that specializes in the pharmaceutical packaging products, we are among the few who employ technologically advanced integrated production line.

Our pedigree, combined with constant innovation, contributes to the success of our client’s business. Our consistently high performance in domestic market has helped us win the trust of major private and state owned companies in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and veterinary industries. Currently, up to 80% of national and international pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia are our clients.

At the core of this achievement is a mission to driver customer oriented products and service using the latest technology and innovation. The result is highly value-added packaging products that meet the expectation and standard of our customer to help them become and remain market leader in their respective industry.

While maintaining established position in domestic market, we have also set our sight on international market. Winning partnership has been forged with major companies in Asia’s and the middle east, from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, to the Philippines, just to name a few.

What We Strive To Be

Has great significant on the way we run our business. Experience teaches us to put the customer at the top of our priority list, it has become the driving force behind our operations. From recruiting our human resources, to purchasing latest machineries, and processing orders, we have only one thing in mind-our customer’s needs.

The company is currently at the forefront of the business. Yet we are determined to become even more in the future. We believe, to be just that depends on how we do our job today. Therefore, important steps are soon to be taken.

We are gearing up to expand our business in regional market. To take the competition head on, we plan to develop effective supply chain that comply with quality, cost delivery and environmental standards. Highlight the company’s integrity.

Such is the type of company we aim to be, the one you want on your side to move forward.