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The annual competition is held to ensure that employees remain motivated and active in developing improvements that make the Company better and also to celebrate the anniversary of PT Avesta Continental Pack (November 26).
Some stages of the annual contestation are inspired by the PDCA concept, which includes :

1. Idea Generating (PLAN)
Individual Candidates who have passed their SIAP Idea from the Selection Board write a proposal on their improvement idea. Group Candidates who have completed their improvement stage, also make a proposal. Administrative Selection is conducted by the Conim Committee. The output of the Administrative selection will provide proposals to be selected by the Convention Jury.

2. Feasibility Screening (DO) -> 5W1H method

3. Field Selection (CHECK)
The purpose is to see directly the improvements in the relevant location. Composition: maximum 10 people (3 judges, 2 organizers, 1 Participant facilitator, 3/4 participants). Duration is 15 minutes per participant with details: 5 minutes for Participant’s presentation and 10 minutes for Q&A between the Jury and the Participant.

4. Final Selection (ACTION)
Valuing Participants’ presentations to determine the best ranking of Participants.
a. Participants get a queue number for the sequence of appearing presentations.
b. Participants make presentations in front of 3 judges and management and also invited guests.
c. The duration of each participant is 15 minutes for presentation and 15 minutes for questions and answers, total = 30 minutes for each participant.

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