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Gemba (現場) is a Japanese term that literally means “the actual place” or the actual location. When it is related to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), it can be interpreted as the location where OHS events occur.

Safety sensibility in the workplace is an important aspect to ensure a safe working environment for Employees. Therefore, the key to achieving this level of safety sensitivity is through on-site OHS monitoring activities. That is the reason why the Gemba Safety Patrol Team was formed. The existence of the Gemba Safety Patrol Team is necessary to ultimately prevent the risk of Company losses due to work accidents.

The Gemba Safety Patrol team analyzes and evaluates the actual workplace on a weekly basis. The objectives are to ensure that the 6 risks above can be anticipated.

These are some of the practices that PT Avesta Continental Pack has done and continues to do in order to increase the sensitivity and awareness of OHS :
1. Enhance employees’ sensitivity and awareness through OHS training programs.
2. Established the Gemba Safety Patrol Team with direct supervision from the Board of Directors of Operations.

3. Each results of the Gemba Safety Patrol and its investigation results are submitted to the superiors in the relevant premises, P2K3 Team and Management.
4. Placement of safety signs and promotion on OHS in strategic locations in the company.
5. Routine supervision of a regularly scheduled Safety Gemba Patrol Team so that it can be carried out consistently and spreads to other areas.
6. Management provides appreciation to personnel who have contributed to OHS.
7. Periodical evaluation and refinement by the Board of Directors.

The implementation regarding Gemba Safety Patrol, the leader plays an important part in every process, as one who controls the results of the work and to constantly reinforce the safe work process.

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