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Continuous Improvement (Conim) Program

Currently, where the Disruption era is increasing in various aspects of technology as well as the business world, Kaizen or Continuous Improvement is a good vitamin* to prevent the outbreak of comfort zone diseases that make a company self-satisfied.

Since Masaaki Imai launched the book Kaizen: the key to Japan’s competitive success in 1986, about a decade later PT Avesta Continental Pack has begun to apply its concepts with the term Quality Control Group which is manifested in one part of the company’s activities. In 2000 PT Avesta even started sending groups to one of the Continuous Improvement Convention events where several other companies joined in these events.

Continuous Improvement (Conim) PT Avesta Continental Pack until now is still preserved. Management has a mindset that with this Conim, Benefit and Behavior will provide added value to the company. Benefits; improve product quality and increase efficiency and productivity which in turn increases customer satisfaction and trust. Behavior; improve analytical thinking patterns in employees and create an active work culture.

*vitamin P, D, C, A; Plan-Do-Check-Action

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